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Talk to us: 0113 388 2230

Open: 9am til 5pm, Mon-Fri

LEEDS UROLOGY PARTNERSHIP is a new collaborative approach to delivering high quality urological care to patients based in Yorkshire. Our urological expertise is complemented by the elite group of multidisciplinary clinical and business staff supporting every aspect of our patients’ treatment and experience.

We deliver care through our exclusive urology clinics in Leeds and Harrogate. We are committed to working closely with patients, doctors, commissioning groups and hospitals in order to optimise patient care and deliver fast, effective and balanced therapies. Furthermore, we have harnessed the capability of cutting edge technologies which allows us to offer directly to our patients the latest concepts in urological care and state of the art diagnostic and therapeutic services.

Fundamentally, our confidence derives from our individual clinical experience allied to the collective expertise built around strong professional and personal relationships. We believe that the LEEDS UROLOGY PARTNERSHIP offers premium urological care to patients in the North England and beyond.

Our approach

We offer dedicated, state of the art and personalised care

  • fast-track assessment clinics (within 7 days)
  • specialist consultant-delivered care
  • precision diagnostic service linked to personalised treatments
  • contemporary surgical therapies

Our promise

  • Deliver a pioneering independent urology service for patients in Leeds and across Yorkshire
  • Deliver fast, experienced, patient-centred care
  • Lead an energised and motivated team
  • Provide personalised medicine addressing individual patient needs and concerns; paired to state of the art diagnostic testing and treatments
  • Offer an extensive clinical portfolio
  • Develop clear and concise clinical protocols to share with hospital teams
  • Provide access to expert counselling, nursing and service support
  • Address an unmet need for local expertise and experience in health screening, clinical trials, medical education/training and medical litigation services


The Spire Hospital Leeds, Jackson Ave, Roundhay, Leeds, LS8 1NT

The Nuffield Health Leeds Hospital, 2 Leighton Street, Leeds, W. Yorkshire, LS1 3EB