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Payment terms and conditions

At Leeds Urology Partnership, our main aim is to provide you with a private professional and caring service, with competitive pricing for both consultations and procedures with our team. We see patients with different payment needs or abilities and we aim to outline and provide transparency of our rates and terms of payments below, prior to your appointment. Please continue to read to familiarise yourself with our T&C’s.

Self Pay Patients

Face to Face consultations:
Initial consultation– 30 mins £250.00
Follow-up consultation– 15mins £125.00 (per consultation)

Online/ telephone consultations (Payments will be taken prior to consultation):
Initial consultation – 20-30 mins £180.00
Follow-up consultation– 10 mins £100.00 (per consultation)

Non-attendance fee (no fee if cancellation > 24hrs of appointment) £100.00

Insured Patients

Leeds Urology Partnership provides for patients with all the major insurance company policies and are fee assured with all of them. Please ensure that you have spoken with your insurance company and that they have provided you with an authorisation number. We will need your policy number and this authorisation number prior to commencing any consultations.

Please note that occasionally we will need to write to insured patients to inform you of a shortfall to your account. This is due to your insurer not paying in full for your consultation or procedure due to a number of reasons associated with your policy. Please note that you are liable for either the full amount or part of the amount that your insurers do not cover. Payment will be due within 10 days of your shortfall letter from Leeds Urology Partnership. Please see further information for our interest charges should payment become overdue.

Payments for extras

We can provide estimates/guidance pricing for procedures or treatments. Should you decide to have a procedure or treatment following your consultation, a full price plan will be provided at that time. Please note that there are further charges which will be made for administration purposes, should these arise.

Repeat prescriptions £ 25.00
Medical Reports (requested separate to consultation letters) £ 250.00

Important payment information

Please note that payment for consultations will be taken just before your consultation by our team. We take most major credit/debit cards, which would be our preference. We do still accept cheques at this stage, however, we reserve the right to decline these at any stage in the future. We do also still accept cash and should you wish to pay with cash, please inform the office on the number overleaf.

We also accept BACS payments and we will send you an invoice for this. Payment on BACS invoices are due within 10 days of the date of your invoice. We reserve the right to start charging interest if payment is not made within our terms. Interest will be charged at 0.5% per day following the 10 day grace period.

Should your account become seriously overdue, despite reminders for payment, we will inform you of any possible debt collection that we may undertake. Please do not hesitate to contact us at any stage. We would be very happy to discuss any payment issues you may be having for your appointments and try to help make these payments manageable.

Please note that private hospitals will ask for your credit/debit card details at the time of booking an appointment directly through them. We do not have access to these details as the hospital logs these for their own use for blood and diagnostic tests.