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I underwent a sperm retrieval due to an earlier operation causing internal damage to genitals. I was well informed of the type of procedure needed and the end result was favourable. Through IVF and the procedure carried out by Oliver, we are now expecting our first child.

We would 100% recommend this procedure to other patients in the same situation.

John Roche (44 yrs old)

Partial penectomy for Penile cancer – We thought Mr Kayes was very professional and approachable. He has a good personality. The end result was favourable.

JM (81 yrs old)

I underwent a penile glansectomy to remove a cancerous squamous cell nodule and sentinel lymph node imaging and removal in the same sitting.

Since it was explained that a “lumpectomy” in my type of cancer was the established method of remedy (ie not radiotherapy / chemotherapy) I had no choice.  Mr Kayes took the time to answer clearly and simply a lot (no doubt, often repeated) questions to help explain my position and proposed actions. This gave me as much reassurance as possible in stressful circumstances. I was also very grateful for his personal phone call to give me the eventual favourable outcome.

I was well looked after by the Leeds Urology team in the surgical process, as a leading UK centre for penile cancer issues.

MO (72 yrs old), York

I first met Oliver on the 21st May 2015 as I wished a second opinion of a Urinary Tract/Bladder infection issue. He listened carefully and sympathetically to my issues and outlined, in great detail, the various options available to me. After examination he explained that his recommendation was that I underwent a Transurethral Resection of Prostate. A date was set and further pre-op tests booked.

The surgery went well and the promised pain and discomfort during recovery never occurred, was that luck or a great surgeon –  who knows, but I was very pleased. During the weeks that followed the original problem had been completely corrected and life was back to normal.

When I saw Oliver again, for the post op follow up, he had to break the news that the histology that had occurred on the tissue he had removed revealed that I had Prostate Cancer. Never has such devastating news been delivered with such care and compassion. We immediately moved on to “What Happens Next” and, once again, Oliver went to great lengths to carefully and skilfully explain all the options and why it was necessary to wait 12 weeks for an MRI.

Twelve weeks later and post MRI we met again and after the usual hello’s and in his caring manner, Oliver just said “Shall we get down to it then?” and then told me there was now no sign of the cancer and it appeared, more by luck than management that he had removed it all. Never-the-less he has arranged a series of follow up’s to continue monitoring the situation.

In view of my experience during the past 12 months, I do not believe I could have been treated better by anyone and I would most certainly recommend Oliver to anyone with similar problems.

LT (60 yrs old), Halifax